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Car Waxing Techniques

Circles Vs. Straight Lines. What’s the best way to wax my ride?

There is back and forth in the industry on if you should clean, wax, or touch your paint in general. If you do, should you be using either a circular motion or straight lines? The real questions you should be asking; Should I clay, polish, or both? What towels, applicators, and products should I use?

The truth is, a properly cleaned and prepped paint is not going to swirl if you use quality applicators, products, and towels. The smoother the painted surface before you start sealing or waxing, the more even the coat goes on and the easier it is to apply and remove.

So start with a quality soap and clean mitt. Use a drying aid and a clean microfiber towel to dry. Do the sandwich bag test and see how smooth your paint actually is. Then clay and polish when needed before car waxing. Your reflection will appreciate it and your protection will last longer.

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