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Protein Vs. Tannin Stains

There is no one product to remove them all when it comes to stains.  Knowing the difference between protein vs. tannin stains is the key to removing them from any material.


Protein stains are caused by contamination like grass, blood, other bodily fluids, and dairy products.


Stains caused by wine, coffee, inks, and juices are common tannin stains

What’s The Difference?

The difference is drastic.  You could literally be talking hot vs. cold and soak vs blot.  Are you using an acidic, basic, or pH neutral cleaner and even those can change based on the contamination.  A tannin stain containing sugar like sweetened coffee or juice has to be treated differently than a black coffee stain. Same goes for Protein stains like dairy.  Milk vs. cream have to be treated differently based on sugars and other additives.  Then combine the two with the cream and sugar coffee drinkers and you guessed it, a whole new process is needed.

A professional detailer not only know what products and processes to use based on the stain contents, they also knows how to identify each stain properly.  Here at On The Spot we take the time to ask you important questions.  In our initial walkthrough, we ask if there are any unusual contamination because we want to make sure you get the best possible service.

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