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C-Quartz Protective Coating

C-Quartz Protective Coating is our mid-level protective coating. It offers superior gloss and longevity. The life expectancy of this coating is between two and three years. The longevity is based on factors such as; environment, keeping a proper washing schedule, and where the vehicle is stored.

Once applied, C-Quartz will provide years of shine and protection, without the hassle of having to wax your vehicle every two to three months.


Our C-Quartz Protective Coating remains at the cutting edge of automotive protection technology. C-Quartz bonds to paint, glass, metal, and plastic at a molecular level, effectively becoming a functional element of the vehicle’s surface.

Ultra hard. Ceramic nano particles create a hard finish that is scratch resistant and durable. Bugs, acids, UV rays, sap, and other environmental contaminates are unable to penetrate the coating. Will also hold up in rain, sun, salt and other extreme weather conditions.

Deep Glossy shine. The bonding of the nano particles create smooth, reflective surface. The deep, mirror-like gloss leaves the vehicle looking wet at all times.

Water Repellent. The hydrophobic effect of the coating prevents water and dirt from settling on the surface. This also prevents mineral deposits from remaining behind after evaporation, greatly reducing the possibility of water spot etching.

Our C-Quartz Protective Coating is an amazing product, and will not be removed through washing or normal detailing. It is the perfect option for those looking for a little bit more out of their exterior protection. The results will not only be cosmetically beautiful, but functional as well.

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