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Headlight Restoration

Our Headlight Restoration Service is an economical way to restore your headlights to a like-new condition. The headlights on most current vehicles are constructed using a lightweight, but tough, polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonates are the material of choice because they provide a favorable set of attributes that include: optical clarity, impact resistance and the ability to tolerate high temperatures.

While polycarbonate plastic is hard, it’s unfortunately also porous and susceptible to environmental elements. To counteract this condition, a silicone hard coat is applied to the lenses at the factory. The hard coat is designed to protect the headlights from acid rain, vehicle exhaust, heat, bugs, scratches, harsh chemicals, and the sun. Unfortunately, over time, the hard coat will break down and begin to yellow. The cost of replacing your vehicles worn and fading headlights can run as much as $200 – $600 per headlight! The
Headlight Restoration Service can repair the damage at a fraction of the price.

Our 5-Step Method

Over the years we have developed an effective method for restoring headlights. All of our Headlight Restorations go through the same process to ensure quality results.

Step One

Wipe the lens with a specially formulated chemical to remove
the built up dirt and grime, leaving behind a clean, prepped surface.

Step Two

Wet sand the lens with varying degrees of grit, based on individual necessity. Wet sanding will remove all minor scratches, imperfections, and yellowing. This step is repeated with increasing levels of grit to slowly eliminate all fine scratches left behind from previous sanding.

Step Three

Buff remaining fine scratches with a heavy cutting cleaning compound until nothing but a slight haze remains on the lens.

Step Four

Polish lens with a specialized plastic polish to restore beauty and optical clarity. This process leaves the lens clear, with a factor finish shine.

Step Five

Apply a sealant to replace the factory hard coat and protect the lens from future damage and exposure.

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