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Detailing for the Daily Driver

This year, you will spend ten full days in your vehicle, just traveling back and forth to work.  That’s 520 times you will grip your steering wheel.  You will use your turn signal over 7,000 times.  Everything you have touched at work, home, the gym, everywhere you have traveled, comes back with you in your car.  Our mobile auto detailing is the solution to all your car cleaning and protection needs.


On The Spot Mobile Detailing is Maryland’s leading car cleaning and protection service.  Our mobile auto detailing units travel throughout the state, offering premium detailing services, paint correction, ceramic coatings, and more.  We bring our own water and power so we can complete your service at your work, home, almost anywhere.  We also have full-service shops in Howard and Frederick County.

On The Spot’s mobile auto detailing service has built a reputation for being a customer-first company.   A quality we take pride in being part of an industry where such conditions are rare.  Especially when combined with 5-star professional services.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Our Fully Equipped Mobile Auto Detailing Units Bring the Shop to You.
  • We use smarter cleaning methods, advanced cleaning products, and state-of-the art cleaning technologies
  • Heroes Discount for Military, Health Care, Teachers, Fire Fighters, and Police
  • Virtual Estimates available 
  • We Do Not Sell Services.  We Offer Solutions.

Covid-19 Update

We are remaining open during this crisis providing cleaning solutions for new and existing residential and commercial clients.  This includes disinfectant services that steam sanitize and clean using EPA approved cleaners that fight cold, flu, and coronavirus bacteria.

Learn more about the steps we are taking to protect you and what moves you here or schedule your virtual estimate or tentative booking online.

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Mobile Auto Detailing

What’s The Right Auto Detail for Me?

The Showroom Shine

  • My car has never been detailed or
  • My car hasn’t been detailed in over a year or
  • I just bought a used car

The Express Detail

  • My car is regularly detailed
  • I keep my car in the garage
  • My car is not a daily driver

The In and Out

  • I just need a quick once over
  • My car doesn’t  need a detail but I want more than a car wash
  • I have my car serviced at least once a month
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