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5 Places Your Kids and Pets Hide Treasure

We as vehicle owners spend most of our time in the driver’s seat when we are in our cars.  Interior car cleaning goes deeper than what you see when you open the door.  Unknown to us there is trim, fabrics, cases, and compartments hiding all over our vehicle.

While we may have never seen them, somehow our kids, dog, and groceries always seem to find there way into those dark abysses. Especially in the back seat. Like a pirate with his treasure chest, they leave hidden gems like lollipop sticks, pet hair, and a can of soup that rolled out of the bag buried in the unknown. Unlike the pirate, they seem to always forget to make a map so we can one day maybe uncover the lost treasures. So I have decided to make one for us all.  When detailing a vehicle, there are some key things to check, especially in the back seat if you wish to make sure you get everything clean.

A Map of Your Back Seat

1) Does your seat cushion lift? Many seats in crossovers, mid size sedans, and even some compact cars have added the ability to lift your seat cushions in the back seat for extra storage. Look for a little pull tab on the bottom front or top back of the seat cushion.

2) Does your seat have an open bottom? Some seats are held up by metal legs and have space reaching all the way back to the truck or hatchback areas. Take a look underneath and see how far the rabbit hole goes.

3) Do your seat backs fold down? Some Seat backs that fold down have hinge covers that lay flat when the seat is down and lift with the seat as it goes up. To achieve complete interior car cleaning, you can pull these covers back.  You may just discover a whole world of lost McDonald’s toys and Hot Wheels.

4) Do your seats slide or flip? Seats that slide or flip to access third rows are well known in the detailer world for hiding dog hair and the secret dietary habits of children. Slide one back for yourself and take a look at the trim and covers behind your second row.

5) Does your middle row have a fold down console? Well don’t just look in the cup holder, take a reach behind the cushion into the seat. Yeah…that’s a whole snickers bar.

Take an extra few minutes tonight and examine your car. Complete interior car cleaning means finding everything that slides, lifts, folds, and opens. You may find many things you are missing. Even more than old candy and pet hair. Happy treasure hunting!


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