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Auto detailing definitions you need to know

Personal or professional, trust is an important part of any relationship.  Truthfully though, we all rely at least in part on what we already know about someone to help determine our level of trust in them.  I mean, you don’t hire a plumber to unclog your drain if they didn’t know what a plunger was would you? Well, you would also need to know what a plunger is to know if they do or not.

Starting now, I’m putting out blogs about some commonly used words by detailers that you may not know.  Not understanding what they are and how they are repaired will cause you to pay for a lot of service you may not need.  So I’m also going to include their definitions and how they affect your vehicle as well.  This way you can make the right choices for you when it comes to your ride.

Today’s Word –


Before and After oxidation removal

Oxidation is caused by clear coat reacting to…oxygen.  Yes, the air itself damages your paint.  Severe oxidation leads to clear coat failure if is continually exposed.

It’s easy to recognize oxidation.  Your paint begins to lose it reflection and feels rough or gritty to  the touch.

An ounce of prevention:  Seal and wax you paint as needed.  Start as soon as you get the vehicle.

A pound of cure:  Light to moderate oxidation can usually be removed with light to medium grade polishes, cleaner waxes, or all in one polishes that also contain sealants.  The cost of these one step polishing services are more expensive and can range in the $100-$300 range.  Good news, they only have to be a one time expense if you  start regular maintenance afterwards. 

Severe oxidation can take multiple steps of both compounding (heavy cut polishing to level painted surfaces.  We will discuss that more in another post) and polishing.  The price begins to vary at this point based on your location, the paint’s severity, vehicle size, and more.  However, if your detailer is trying to charge you more than it costs to repaint, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

When it’s too late

If your paint has already reached failure the only option is to repaint.  There is no “buffing it out”.  Paint failure is very recognizable as the clear coat will have cracks in it, or chip away, or have circular spots where the paint is more dull and outlined with white or clear lines.  This can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars a panel to thousands of dollars for a complete new paint job.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Tell me what you think in the comments, share your stories, and ask questions.