Mobile Detailing Services

7,000 Times. A Healthier Driving Experience

By: Adam Churchwell

Each year you will spend on average a total of 10 days in your vehicle just driving back and forth to work.  You will grip your steering wheel 520 times.  You’ll turn your turn signal left or right over 7,000.  Every day there will be body oils, makeup, french fry grease, and more all building up on your turn signal.  It will coat your steering wheel, radio, dials, knobs, cup holders, arm rest, and vents.

Auto detailing is important to maintaining a clean and healthy traveling environment.  Just like in your home, bacteria can build up causing the spread of viruses.  Many times fluids or food is spilled in between or under seats and left without notice.  While not solely a problem for parents who travel with children, this is especially true in back seats and third rows where adults may not often look.  Extended stay of substances that contain food, especially sugar, can lead to ants, mice, and other critters. Severe odors and even mold can grow potentially making it necessary for carpet and upholstery replacement if left uncleaned.

Do it right.  So you only do it once.

A proper auto detailing should be more than just aesthetic improvement and a coat of wax.  A quality detailing also includes sanitation of your interior surfaces.  I personally pH neutralize or steam sanitize all fabric, leather, and any other touched surface in the vehicle on every detail.  This is especially important on door handles, steering columns, window controls, seat belts, and center consoles.

If you are a DIY person, I recommend looking into a quality auto cleaner that also kills bacteria or is pH neutral.  Also always have a fresh clean microfiber towel.  Using antibacterial wipes is ok on your doors and dash, but make sure you follow up with a good conditioner to not dry out your surfaces. Do not use anything that wet on your controls.  Steamers made for home use do not typically have pressure adjustment controls or custom tips and heads for auto detailing.  If your looking for that kind of deep cleaning, I’d leave it to the professionals.

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