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5 Things You Need In Your Trunk This Winter

Winter creates many additional reasons for hitting the roads.  Let’s be honest, sometimes weather conditions can not be a deterring factor from getting where you’re supposed to be.  I mean, you’re not going to miss grandma’s famous corn casserole because of a little snow right?

Snow is not the only factor that can get you stuck out in the cold trying to travel this holiday season.  Cold temperatures can cause batteries to die.  Ice can build up on your windshield while you’re in the grocery store.  There are many circumstances that you have to be prepared for.  While we here at On The Spot can protect your vehicle’s appearance from the wind, snow, salt, and ice with our Winterization Detail, There are also things you need to keep you safe, and your vehicle moving should any of these weather conditions strike during your travels.  Here are 5 of the most important items you should have in your trunk if you want to be prepared for the winter wonderland.

1) Jumper Cables / Jumper Box

If there is people around to help, jumper cables are great to get your battery juiced and get you moving again.  However, we highly recommend kicking out a few extra bucks if you can for a jumper box if you can.  They have become relatively inexpensive as more companies manufacture them and can be the difference between being stuck in the middle of nowhere and getting to where your’re heading.  Just make sure to take them in once a month and recharge them.

2) Shovel

It’s a more common story than most would admit but I have forgotten a gift for person x or y and had to do some last minute shopping more than once in my life.  Of course while I’m inside the store 2-3 inches of snow fall  before I can get back out to car.  A small or collapsible shovel can help you find the road again and get back to last minute wrapping.

3) Ice Scraper

Ok first things first, these things are for your windshield. NOT YOUR PAINT.  Even the brushes on the back side of these things in this detailers opinion are a big no.  Still, you need to see to drive so keep one of these handy.  Pro tip, lift your windshield wipers before the snow or any below freezing night for easier removal and better functioning wipers in the morning.

4) Water Bottles

Hopefully these along with number 5 won’t be needed if you have items 1-3.  Still fortune favors the prepared.  Should you be stuck in a situation where you will be waiting a while for help, staying hydrated in the cold is very important.  Although this article says 5 things you need in your trunk, you may be better off with these stored under your back seat or in your console.

5) Blanket

Like number 4 a blanket can come in real handy if your stuck waiting for help.  They make blankets specifically for auto storage now but really, any old thing will do.  Just make sure it stays dry.

Along with the regular emergency items you should have in your car, there are even more items that can come in useful specifically in the winter.  Flash lights, Road salt or kitty litter, and portable phone chargers among them.  Make sure you regularly change out perishable items and charge electronics.  Stay safe this season and enjoy every mile!

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