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Clean Cars Improve Self Confidence! Here’s How

If you’re like me you’ve spent at least a few minutes the past few days reflecting.  Reflection often leads to an urge for change.  Maybe that reflection caused you to think about a change in career.  Could be you think you need to change your diet or exercise more.  I believe that every desire for change in life stems from a lack of self confidence.  That if you improve self confidence in what you are doing and what you have, you may find that you are actually very happy with where you are.

Clean Cars improve self confidence

People do little things to improve self confidence with their today all the time.  They get a hair cut and buy a new outfit before going out on a date.  They clean the house before company comes over.  Yet despite being the second largest investment most people make in their lifetime, something commonly overlooked as a confidence booster is your vehicle.  So today let’s go over some of the key points of vehicle detailing to bring out the best in you and your ride.

Odors Stick With You

Many people go nose blind to smells in their car.  With how much time you spend driving, it’s no wonder.  But that hint of chinese take out, soured carpet from stepping in and out of the rain, and gym bag in the trunk adhere to every fabric.  That means the ones in your car, and on your clothes.  Regular vacuuming and shampooing of your vehicle means your car stays fresh, and so does that new suit.

Clean Glass = Happier Drivers

Dirty glass makes for an unhappy driver.  Streaks and dirt build up make it hard to see when facing the sun and limit vision in general when driving.  But did you know when it comes to confidence, there is something else just as important to clean glass?  Clean glass lets more sun in.  That means boosted serotonin in our brains and and a happier overall driving experience.  Even when your sitting still on 295. (Those of you who are thinking “What about tint?” Tint is great and don’t worry, we will cover that more in another post)

That New Cut Feeling

Why do we feel better when we get a great haircut or buy a new outfit?  It’s simple really.  Everyone feels more confident when they know they look their best.  Cleaning our house, making our beds, ironing the laundry, they all give us the same feeling.

When something looks worn or old, we naturally tend to care less about it.  This is a very common thing with vehicles.  Detailing your vehicle brings that new cut feel to your ride and improves your personal valuation of it.  Taking more pride in what you own makes it worth more.  Both in monetary value, and in your heart.

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