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Toothpaste Does Not Restore Headlights – Car Myths

In the world of detailing there is sometimes no visual difference between hiding a problem and fixing one.  At least not in the short term.  The internet is full of life hacks, diy videos, and weird trick pins that tell you these easy and cheap ways to fix your problem.  The problem with that is they don’t show you what their solution looks like a day, week, or month later.

Car Myths headlight restoration

Where Did This Myth start?

The whole toothpaste for cleaning headlights thing began with eye glasses and compact discs.  You see, the same poly-carbonate plastic used to protect these items is used on your headlights.  The truth is that toothpaste only alleviates the issue of cloudy headlights by filling in scratches and lightening the color of oxidation.  It does not remove either, just hides it.  Look at it this way, if your toothpaste was really a magic permanent fix for staining, why would you have to use that “whitening” product more than once? 

A complete and true headlight restoration includes sanding to remove the oxidation, polishing to level the surface, and then sealing the surface to protect it from future damage.  It’s not a 5 minute fix and take professional products and equipment.

That’s not to say that all hacks, tips, and web tricks are false.  But we are committed to making sure our clients are educated in their car care efforts and purchases.

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