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Glass Cleaning in 3 Easy Steps

Having trouble with streaking glass in your car?  Hazing or dirty glass can cause major issues.  Light needs to come through your windshield so it does not obstruct your vision of the road and the cars around you.  Glass Cleaning is one of the most important parts of a detail.

It’s 2018. Time to update your techniques. First, newspapers are more than an old fashioned way to get your news. They are also no longer a proper way to clean glass.  Print publications all use new printing methods and include color in most of the pages. Instead get yourself two fresh microfiber towels. One for cleaning and one for drying.

Glass Cleaning in 3 Easy Steps

Windex is not safe for modern automotive tint.  Find cleaners that contain no ammonia and are free of large amounts of dyes.

Save yourself time.  When cleaning the inside wipe the glass up and down.  When cleaning the outside wipe left and right. That way if you see streaks, you know which side they are on.

Proper towels, proper products, proper techniques. A clear driving experience is a healthy driving experience. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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