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Should I Wash My Car in The Winter? (2018 Edition)

By: Adam Churchwell

Winter car washing sounds like a bad idea right?  It’s cold and you’re likely to turn your driveway into an ice rink.  Well thanks to modern products washing even below freezing is not only possible, but easier than ever.

Contamination that causes scratching is the worst in colder months.  While the salt and other ice melts used to keep your tires on the road are great for keeping you safe, these products kick up off the road and can do damage to your paint, windshield, and wheels. It is highly recommend washing these contaminants off your vehicle as soon as possible.

washing in Winter

It is important that before you take a bucket and mitt to your vehicle, You understand what it takes to safely remove this contamination.  Quality car soaps, rinselss washes, and dry washes all have one thing in common,  emulsifying properties. Without these, you may end up causes damage by sliding dirt and ice melt along your paint with you wash mitt.

What are Emulsifying Products?

Emulsifying products surround contamination separating it from your paint and glass.  This is what allows you to remove them without scratching.  Proper car cleaning is about understanding, not aggression.  Scrubbing is not the answer anymore.  Not if you want to maintain a Showroom Shine.  But there is more to a safe winter wash than the product you use.

Don’t Reapply Dirt To Your Car

To prevent re-contamination of surfaces. we also advise to wash the top of your vehicle first and then the bottom.  Don’t take the heavy soiling from the bottom of your car and move it to the hood.  Use a two bucket method when doing a standard wash and change out your towels regularly when using rinseless products.

Washing you car in the winter is important if you want to prevent damage to your paint and glass but knowing how to properly clean your vehicle is the key to not being as much, if not more of a problem than the salt on the roads.

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