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Detailing Defined – Emulsify

Auto Detailing Definitions You Need To Know

Here is another big word that gets thrown around to make detailers sound fancy.  In truth, most products on the market that are being used to wash cars don’t actually emulsify anything.  Many detailers believe that any product that lifts dirt from the surface is an emulsification product.  To be a true emulsifier, it can’t just lift the contamination on your vehicle.  It has to combine with it and create something new.

Detailing defined

So Why Does This Matter?

Suspension products like retail car wash soaps do a great job of lifting dirt from the paint’s surface.  That’s usually more than enough for light and loose contamination.  However, The dirt is still a solid when these products are used.  So if there isn’t enough product to completely suspend the contamination, scratching may still occur.  If your mobile detailer is still using suspension products outside, they better be moving fast.  If the products starts to dry in the sun, you may be looking at left behind dirt or worse, new scratches when they are done.

Emulsification Products like professional and commercial grade soaps and cleaners suspend the contamination in the product and break it down to create a new completely liquid based substance.  This means everything on your vehicle that is getting removed by wash mitt, hose, or pressure washer is a liquid.  No scratching and no left behind dirt.  Just a clean and reflective shine.

Emulsifying cleaners don’t need to be used on every detail but having your detailing defined can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Knowing your detailer knows his products and is using them properly to safely clean and protect your vehicle.