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Detailing Defined: Leather Cleaners, Conditioner, and Serum

When cleaning leather it is important that you understand the products you are using and what they are used for.  There are three products typically used in care for leather.  We will go over them individually.

Leather Cleaners:

It is important to use a cleaner  that is made specifically for leather or specifically states it is safe on leather surfaces.  High acidic cleaners like many all purpose cleaners can discolor or damage leather surfaces.

leather care

Leather Conditioners:

Proper Conditioners for leather contain both a water repelling agent and other conditioners for U.V. protection.  Make sure your conditioner contains both to get the best bang for your buck and to keep your leather looking new.

Leather serums:

Newer to the market, serums provide long lasting protection to leather surfaces.  Many for up to one year.  When purchasing these products make sure that you purchase one that is resistant to cleaning agents.  Certain cheaper serums will lose effectiveness with regular cleaning, which is still necessary.