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3 Simple, but Amazing Things I Forgot About Owning a Car

Today you can unlock a car door with your phone; Apparently even from outer space.  Your vehicle makes call, gives directions, and can even remind you when you forget it’s your anniversary.  With all the technology advances in cars these days, it’s easy to forget what made them so great and a must have for every family in the first place.  So today I wanted to talk about some very simple, yet amazing things your car can do that we sometimes now take for granted.

The Windows Roll Down

It’s not something that bothered me really until recently as the weather started to change.  Everyone drives with their windows up these days.  There is a whole world out there and at least in most areas, still looks and smells wonderful.  Don’t experience through the glass.  Roll the windows down and let the world in.

Getting Lost Can Be an Adventure

Thanks to GPS we know exactly where we are going and how long it will take to get there.  But I am sure if you think back just a few years ago, you will recall that the way you found your favorite local restaurant, road to drive, heck, maybe even the home you live in wasn’t with a GPS.  My point is that there is a whole lot more world out there between where you are and your destination.  Next time the car says left, take a right.  You never know what you might find.

I Spy

Don’t get me wrong here.  There are plenty of times when I myself am extremely thankful we have devices in the back seat to keep the kids attention.  Especially on long trips.  But a conversation I had with my son recently really got me thinking.  First off, the conversation that took place was in the car.  The only reason that conversation was possible was due to a dead battery on my tablet. My son was immediately asking for a charger which I could not provide for him as I was driving.  I asked him if he wanted to play I spy.  He responded with “What’s That?”  I realized in that moment that my son at 8 years old had never played a game that I played in the car on almost every trip I took at his age.   That really bothered me.

But you know, it’s not really the fact he hadn’t played the game.  It actually comes back full circle to my first and second points in this post.  The advances in vehicle tech that make my life so much easier also take something away.  Something that in turn my children may never have the chance to appreciate.  You know, getting lost, learning the land, seeing what’s out there beyond the Yelp reviews and outside the blue line on your digital map.

I’ll end today’s post with this.  I am thankful I grow up in a time where we have access to the entire spectrum of knowledge available to us at our fingertips.  But that doesn’t mean I only want to see it through glass or a screen.  How about you?