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Detailing Defined – Detailing (itself)

Auto Detailing Definitions You Need To Know

Now we are really getting to the route of it all.  There is no word thrown around more loosely in the detailing world the word detailing itself.  Some call it detailing because they offer more services than anyone else. Some say it’s because they offer specific services you can’t get from anyone but a detailer.  Some say it’s detailing just because they have been cleaning cars longer than anyone else. But if you ask me, I would say they are all wrong. Auto “detailing” should literally define itself.

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Detailing something, anything, is about how in depth you go when applying your knowledge to a process.  For example, a hand wash isn’t made into a detailing service because you also wax. That just means you waxed your car also.  A detailed wash means you took the time to examine and clean every exterior surface of the vehicle. You wash the emblems, you dry the water hiding behind the trim, and so on.  

If you were to compare detailing to something else, detailing is more like excavating fossils than digging a trench.  It’s this drastic misuse of the term that makes it hard on the industry to stay competitive. Misuse of the term allows for anyone to use it and charge pennies for work that isn’t actually detailing.  Now, with that said, I think every detailer should try to keep pricing reasonable for their customers but I also am always wary of any service that seems considerably low when comparing companies. Honestly, if I wanted a trench dug, I’d just ask my son to play in the backyard with me.  But if I thought there was Dino bones in my backyard, I’d definitely hire a pro.