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Why should you use a foam cannon?

The scary truth about washing your car

Dirt, salt, rain, even the air damages you car.  So regular washing is necessary to keep your paint and exterior surfaces safe.  But did you know that washing your car can be just as dangerous?

Improper washing can lead to scratches, swirls, and can introduce contamination from part of your vehicle to another.  The good news is all of that can be prevented with a little knowledge and the right tools.  One of the most important of these, especially if your vehicle hasn’t been washed in a while, is the foam cannon.

foam cannon wash

What does it do?

Attached to a pressure washer or hose, the foam cannon fires concentrated soap and water at the vehicle completely covering the surfaces with lubrication and cleaning agents.  This allows for wash mitts to move safely, but still effectively across your vehicle.  Lubrication is the key to safe washing and the foam cannon is the king of glide in the wash world.