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Back to Black in 3 Steps!?  Here’s How

Air, Your Cars Worst Enemy!

Oxidation is exactly what it sounds like.  Oxygen breaking down whatever it comes in contact with.  The truth, the air destroys everything it comes in contact with.  There is no avoiding it.  We regularly cover using coatings, sealants, and waxes to prevent the air from touching your beautiful paint.  But maybe you joined the party a little late.  Now you are wondering how and if you can bring your ride back to life.


3 Steps to Bring Faded Black Back to Life


Proper washing is where the whole game starts.  Not just running through a car wash.  I mean two buckets, foam cannon, and two mitts.  The whole nine.   Having professional products, equipment, and tools to get every inch of the vehicle free of contamination and dirt.


Clay is the most commonly overlooked part of the detailing process.  There are items stuck to your vehicle that will never come off with even the most professional wash alone.  Clay removes surface contaminants from a vehicle’s paint ranging from tree sap, industrial fall out (little rust looking spots), bugs, and road tar.


Now we are not talking the by hand stuff you by at the auto parts store.  We are talking professional polishing machines and products that not only remove large imperfections, but finish without leaving smaller ones of their own behind.  In some cases, multiple steps may be required using different grades, or strengths, of polishing products.

The Result

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