Mobile Detailing Services

What On The Spot Did For Me

By: Adam Churchwell

Detailing? What’s that?

I had no idea!  I didn’t grow up in car culture.  I wasn’t even into to cars at all as a child.  For me, I was going to be a rock star.  I’d be singing in a band and touring the world.  It wasn’t until I had my own self realization moment that I found my life’s passion and now career.

Losing Myself

Before On The Spot, and post nu-metal, I had a job selling mortgages.  It made a lot of money.  We went on trips and vacations paid by the company I worked for and got to party just like I was a rock star.  It seemed like I had everything I could imagine from a career that wasn’t filled with loud music, pyrotechnics, and long hair.

I was young and didn’t quite understand balance yet.  The new influx of money was not something I was responsible enough to understand or manage.  My idea of cooperate lifestyle was clouded by 90’s movies and ridiculous ideas of what people with money do.  It began to change my personality.  Selfish, cynical, and angry would be good describing word for the person I was becoming.  This of course put a strain on my personal life and marriage.  Thankfully before I completely lost my morality, I decided to quit.

Becoming a Better Me

I’ve always wanted a career where I felt like I was contributing to better people.  But I also felt I needed a break in my career path to better understand myself.  My daughter was about to turn two and I needed a job a.s.a.p.  My buddy was working for On The Spot and said he could get me a part time gig.  I figured hey, why not?

Immediately, I fell in love with the science that goes into creating a clean and protected vehicle.  The difference between cleaners that are pH neutral, acidic, and basic.  How to stack protections, and correct paint to a Showroom Shine.

Creating the results on the vehicles and the enjoyment this type of service provides for a client became not just a job, but a daily goal for me.   I take pride in every detail.  Even now as the C.X.O., I spend as much time researching new products and techniques as I do in my office.  And I still love to get my hands dirty and detail when I can.  My goal is for us to become even better with each detail we provide and always looking to improve that experience and result.

It’s amazing to me looking back that I ended up here.  But I could not ask for a more fulfilling career.