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Get Directions or Get Lost

By: Adam Churchwell

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Lost

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”― Erol Ozan

You don’t have to be a car enthusiast or own a classic, luxury,or exotic car to love your ride and it’s easy with the chaos of the modern road to forget the joy of driving.  You forget that feeling you got the first time mom or dad let you behind the wheel.  The drive home from the MVA with your new license.  I bet you remember the song that played on the radio.   So many memories are created on the road. First dates, the first day of college, family trips, they all start by opening a car door.

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It Was a Road, Not a Car

That’s what made me a car enthusiast in the first place.  A road that I take from time to time to get home.  It’s way out of my way, but in an attempt to find a way to avoid rush hour, I found it an alternative way to get home.  The sidewalks are lined with trees and in the spring and fall it looks like a road out of a car commercial.  I don’t race down it, I cruise.  Take my time and enjoy the ride.  Roll the widows down and let the wind course through the cabin.

A lot of the time we find ourselves rushing to get things done and our cars can certainly help us accomplish that goal.  Just don’t forget that driving can also be something you enjoy.  So don’t be afraid to get lost from time to time and remember your ride can create memories that last a lifetime.