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Do’s and Don’t of Microfiber

By: Adam Churchwell

How microfiber towels can be your best friend, or worst enemy

When kept properly, microfiber towels are great for removing dust, wax, and general cleaning.  I use them to clean my house, my car, and my shoes.

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Treat them right

Microfiber can also cause a lot of damage if not used and kept properly.  They should always have a static charge so they can collect dust and remove contamination without scratching surfaces.  So that means no regular detergents, no dryer sheets, and no washing them with your clothes or other towels.

There are detergents made specifically for microfiber towels.  Don’t be afraid to spend the money on a separate detergent.  It will save you a ton in the long run.

Know when to let go

Towels are designed to clean.  That means they collect dirt and other contamination.  If you start to see build up in the towel that can’t be removed from washing, it is best just to throw it out.  If the towel no longer has a static charge, throw it out.  If the fibers in the towel are matted down, throw it out.  Again, the replacement of the towel is considerably cheaper than a new paint job.

Keep them Separate

Lastly, The microfiber you use for your glass should not be the towels you use for your paint.  The towels you use for your wheels should not be the ones you use for your floors.  Keep and wash your towels separately and they will last longer and work better for what you use them for.