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Magic Erasers – An Industry Secret

By: Adam Churchwell

It’s really expensive to keep that head shaved!

Magic Erasers, or melamine sponges are effective cleaning tools for most surfaces.  We use them all the time in the detailing industry.  If we were to buy them from the bald man every time, we would be charging a lot more per detail.

You can purchase melamine sponges from many different distributors and in bulk for dirt cheap. But know where you can and can’t use them before you go erasing everything.

Glass Cleaning in 3 Easy Steps

On paint – NO

Wall paint, car paint, deck paint…no.  The sponge can thin painted surfaces causing discoloration.

On leather – No, with exceptions.

Non coated leather should never see anything short of Luke warm water and only if absolutely necessary.  Coated leather or vinyl on the other hand can take a little abuse and erasers can be used.  Luckily for auto detailers, almost all leather is coated now.

Countertops and other hard surfaces – YES

This is really were eraser shine.  tough stains, even some old ones can be removed safely with erasers.  Still, always use a test spot first to make sure that it’s safe for the surface.