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5 Signs You Need A Full Detail Now!

Originally Published: 02/07/18

Updated 10/16/19

You drove off the lot with a fresh, clean and shining ride.  Now sometime later, you don’t feel the same pride you had that day.  You swore that you never would let a single fry hit the ground but now there’s empty water bottles and a Chick-Fil-a bag from god knows when in the back seat.  You were going to wash it every week.  Now, there is still road salt from January on the door panels.  So what changed between when you first got those keys in your hand and today?

As time progresses there are triggers that make us start looking at things as used, old, or in general less important than when you first bought them.  In the case of a vehicle maybe it’s that first door ding you get in the grocery store parking lot.  That juice box Billy spilled in the back seat.  Or maybe just real life got in the way of you treating your new toy the way you hoped you would be able to.

Good news is your new toy is resilient and wants to always look it’s best for you.  It wants you to always feel that pride you had the first day you took it home.  Best of all, most of these day to day occurrences can be removed with minimal cost before they create expensive problems that requires replacement or repair.  Today I am going to help you rediscover the pride in your ride and prevent the need for costly repairs by giving you 5 signs it’s time to have your vehicle fully detailed.

1) Discolored Wheels

Wheels that appear dark or black in the inside and out have brake dust and other road contamination that have built up over time.  Not only does this  affect the appearance of the vehicle, it can also lead to rust, clear coat failure of the wheel, and even decrease brake performance.

2) Tight/Discolored Leather

An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  In this case that anecdote is quite factual.  Once your leather is creasing and cracking it may be to late to restore.  Replacing leather seats is quite expensive so don’t wait until it’s to late.  It only takes a detailer about an ounce of a quality leather conditioner to rejuvenate and protect all your interior leather.  If your leather is starting to feel tight or hard, get someone out immediately to clean and protect your interior.

Update: How To Test:  Feel the shoulder of your front seats and then feel the front side of your back passenger seats.  If the shoulder feel tight or rough in comparison, it is time for a detail

3) Spots on your Headliner

Next time your in your car, look up.  Outside debris gets brought in when your windows are open and nobody usually ever thinks to look up.  However, pollen and other allergens can build up creating an uncomfortable and unhealthy driving experience.  Also check your sun visors for finger prints and other smudges.

Update: It’s important to note that the actual weight of contamination can cause the headliner to fail.  There is only a small amount of glue holding your fabric to the padding.  Don’t wait to have dirt and debris removed from your headliner.

4)  A Dirty Fuel Door

You probably open and close your fuel door at least once a week.  Next time you do, check to see if there is any dirt build up on the door.  It’s a place that the drive through car wash can’t clean and is a good indication of the need for other areas such as your door jambs, front grill, emblems, and trim needing some much deserved attention.

5) Dusty/Greasy Engine

Open the hood and take a look.  Is it actually in most owners manuals to regularly clean your engine.  A clean engine runs cooler.  So it will last longer and  increase fuel economy in the process.

See the Signs, Don’t Wait

Purchasing a vehicle is for most people, the second largest purchase you will make in your lifetime.  Remember a Full Detail is more than a standard car wash and cleaning.  A proper full detail, such as those in our Showroom Shine gets down deep in every crack and crevice to make sure your vehicle looks as good, if not better than the day your first drove it off the lot.   Age should be nothing but a number and with proper detailing maintenance, you can keep that new feeling and pride for the life of your ride.