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Cheap Survival Items Everyone Should Have In Their Car

Key Items to keep you safe on the side of the road and beyond.

Written by: Adam Churchwell

Since the invention of the cell phone, the idea of getting stuck on the side of the road seems like an unlikely scenario.  But ask yourself, how many vehicles did you see there just on your way to or from work today?  While communication may be streamlined in our modern world,  there is still the wait for AAA, your friend or significant other, or in worst case, the police and ambulance.  So what are some cheap survival items you need in your car?

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1) A First Aid Kit

Most vehicles come with one of these now but it can definitely be expanded upon and should be updated at minimum, once a year.

2) Cell Phone Portable Charger

Batteries dying, especially in the cold, is still a real possibility.  Keep one or two of these in your vehicle and make sure to charge them once a month.

3) Emergency Escape Tool

These tools are extremely inexpensive and can save your life.  One part glass breaking hammer and one part seatbelt cutter.  They now even make ones that go on keychain or fit in your pocket.

4) Blankets

I can personally account for the need for this.  I was a teenager and it was mid January.  Our vehicle stalled out and would not start.  I couldn’t actually tell you how long we sat there or how cold it was but, I can tell you that it would of made it a lot easier to deal with if we had an extra layer to put over us.  It turns out cars get real cold, real quick when they aren’t running. 

Of course there are other items that you could have like battery powered tire inflators, Jumper boxes, and other more fancy gadgets.  The point of this post was to help you be more prepared without breaking the bank.  You could purchase all these items online and spend less than $50 where other items like a jumper box can run $100 or more.