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Acid Rain and Hard Water Stain Removal

Visually, it is hard to tell the difference between a hard water (mineral) stain, and an acid rain (pollutant) stain. They both appear as water spots on your vehicles exterior finish and windows. It appears as though they should easily be wiped away with a wash, but they do not budge. This is because when the water from a sprinkler system or rain in the city falls on your vehicle, the water contains contaminates.

As the water on the surface evaporates away, the contaminates adhere themselves to the paint or windows. Once this occurs, become extremely difficult to remove. Our Acid Rain and Hard Water Stain Removal service is designed to solve this problem.


Due to the varying nature and severity of these types of stains, a visual estimate will be needed to full assess how much work will be required to remove them. Please contact us for more information or set up an estimate.