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Cleaning an airplane is an essential part of aircraft ownership.  Washing the exterior of your aircraft is essential to ensure that grease, grime, dirt, and oils don’t become permanent deposits on your aircraft.

On The Spot’s Dry Wash service allows for complete exterior detailing of your aircraft without having to leave the hangar.  We remove unwanted contaminants, using only OEM approved chemicals and techniques, ensuring that every surface of your aircraft is left clean and spotless.  Our technicians pay extra attention to exhaust trails and sections under the wings.  We make sure to remove any build-up before having a chance to damage your aircraft’s paint.  Our dry wash products also leave behind a layer of protection to help prevent future build-up.

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Boot Cleaning and Sealing

Ice buildup can severely damage a plane. Your De-ice boots are critical pieces of equipment.  It is essential that they are working properly.  Our boot prep helps avoid dulling and hard to remove build-up.  Our sealant service is an important step in maintaining your aircraft that prevents drying and cracking by protecting de-ice boots from harmful UV rays.

Paint Sealant

Our durable paint sealant protects against the harshest elements by bonding directly to the fine pores inside paintwork, creating uniformed protection and beautiful shine.  It holds up against extreme hot and cold temperatures and lasts up to a full year with regular wash maintenance.

Aircraft washing made simple

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