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Bullet Proof RV Coating

Bullet Proof RV Coating our most economical coating option for Recreational Vehicles and Trailers.  It is applied to all painted, vinyl, or gel-coated surfaces.  Due to its low price point, Bullet Proof is a great option for those who are looking to protect their RV, and are not interested in having it waxed every 2-3 months.


Bullet Proof creates a hardened “glass” coating that chemically bonds with your RV’s get coat to give it that lasting deep shine and protection. Like other coatings Bullet Proof is very hydrophobic, and actively repels water, oils, dirt, and other contaminates. It also offers protection from wash induced marring, UV rays, bird droppings, sap, and environmental stains.

*The price is based on the linear foot (length) of the vehicle.  This does not include any exterior detailing, only the application of the product.  The cost of the detailing prior to application is based on size and condition.  Please contact us for more information about setting up an appointment.


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