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Why should you use a foam cannon?

November 3, 2018

Dirt, salt, rain, even the air damages you car.  So regular washing is necessary to keep your paint and exterior surfaces safe.  But did you know that washing your car can be just as dangerous

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leather care

Detailing Defined – Detailing

August 17, 2018

Now we are really getting to the route of it all.  There is no word thrown around more loosely in the detailing world the word detailing itself.  Some call it detailing because they offer more services than anyone else. Some say it’s because they offer specific services you can’t get from anyone but a detailer.  Some say it’s detailing just because they have been cleaning cars longer than anyone else. But if you ask me, I would say they are all wrong. Auto “detailing” should literally define itself.

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Clay Bar

Detailing Defined – Clay Bar

July 11, 2018

If you have had a vehicle detailed or been to any detailer’s site, you have at least come across the words clay bar.  Yet little explanation as to what this process actually does is given by most sites. That’s because in many cases, if a detailer does or doesn’t clay bar your vehicle it would not be noticeable to the naked eye.  So why is that and what exactly does clay bar do?

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Detailing defined

Detailing Defined

March 20, 2018
Detailing Defined - Emulsify Auto Detailing Definitions You Need To Know Here is another big word that gets thrown around to make detailers sound fancy.  In truth, most products on the market that are being used to wash cars don't actually emulsify anything.  Many detailers believe that any product that lifts dirt from the surface [...] Read More

Do I Need A Detail

February 6, 2018

Your vehicle is resilient and wants to always look it’s best for you.  It wants you to always feel that pride you had the first day you took it home.  Best of all, most day to day occurrences like spilled drinks and paint scratches can be removed with minimal cost before they create expensive problems that requires replacement or repair.  Today I am going to help you rediscover the pride in your ride and prevent the need for costly repairs by giving you 5 signs it’s time to have your vehicle fully detailed.

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New location in Frederick is Now Open!

January 24, 2018

We are now 15 years in and still expanding thanks to your support and continued business.  At On The Spot we are proud to announce that are soft roll out of our Frederick Division has met with huge success.  We are now open officially to Frederick County and it’s surrounding areas.

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Pride In Your Ride

Should I Wash My Car in The Winter

January 16, 2018

Winter car washing sounds like a bad idea right?  It’s cold and you’re likely to turn your driveway into an ice rink.  Well thanks to modern products washing even below freezing is not only possible, but easier than ever.

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Glass Cleaning In 3 Easy Steps

January 12, 2018

Having trouble with streaking glass in your car?  Hazing or dirty glass can cause major issues.  Light needs to come through your windshield so it does not obstruct your vision of the road and the cars around you.  Glass Cleaning is one of the most important parts of a detail.

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Toothpaste Does Not Restore Headlights – Car Myths

January 9, 2018

In the world of detailing there is sometimes no visual difference between hiding a problem and fixing one.  At least not in the short term.  The internet is full of life hacks, diy videos, and weird trick pins that tell you these easy and cheap ways to fix your problem.  The problem with that is they don’t show you what their solution looks like a day, week, or month later.

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Clean Cars Improve Self Confidence! Here’s How

January 2, 2018

If you’re like me you’ve spent at least a few minutes the past few days reflecting.  Reflection often leads to an urge for change.  Maybe that reflection caused you to think about a change in career.  Could be you think you need to change your diet or exercise more.  I believe that every desire for change in life stems from a lack of self confidence.  That if you improve self confidence in what you are doing and what you have, you may find that you are actually very happy with where you are.

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