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Chrome Polishing

Chrome is a beautiful addition to any motorcycle.  It far outshines any other type of metal used on bikes.  Unfortunately, it is susceptible to rusting and pitting.  As the little brown specks of rust begin to appear, it is important to solve this issue before the problem gets worse.  If left unchecked, the rust will quickly spread and become unrepairable.  Our Chrome Polishing Service can reverse this process and restore the metal’s brilliant shine.

Not all motorcycles will require this service.  Only those motorcycles with after market or extra chrome pieces, or those with severe pitting could be charged an additional fee.  This polishing fee is due to added time needed to restore the mirror like shine to all chrome surfaces.


Starting at $50.  Chrome Polishing is quoted by visual estimate and will vary based on issue and time required to resolve the problem.  Please contact us to set up an estimate.

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