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The Dangers of Not Starting Your Car

November 8, 2022

For many of us, our cars have been parked a lot more lately. We're working from home to save money on fuel, mileage, repairs, and maybe even insurance. And while it's great to save money in the short term, there are some risks associated with not starting your car regularly that you may not be aware of. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the dangers of not starting your car and why it's important to make sure your car gets some exercise even when you're not using it.


The Health of Your Car

Cars are built to be in motion. They need their lubricants heated and circulated to flush out particles, and their moving parts need to move to avoid seizing. When a car sits for too long without being started, these things can't happen, and the car's health suffers as a result. In addition, the battery starts to drain and can eventually die completely if the car isn't started on a regular basis.


Your Health

Not opening your car and letting air circulate through can also be damaging to your health. Stale air is no longer fresh and can have an unpleasant smell. When indoor air starts to smell stale or feel stuffy, it is usually due to a buildup of certain chemicals as well as humidity in the air. The ratio of airborne contaminants to oxygen starts to increase because of a lack of fresh air. This can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and difficulty concentrating—all things that you don't want the next time you're out for a drive.


So what's the bottom line? Should you start your car even if you're not going anywhere? Yes! Starting your car on a regular basis is important for both your car and your own health. If you're working from home and don't plan on driving anywhere for a while, make sure to start your car, open the windows, and run the air at least once a week so that it can get the exercise it needs. Your car—and your lungs—will thank you for it.  If you haven’t moved the vehicle in a while and the vehicle smells a little stale, we recommend an interior detail to sanitize the surfaces and clear the air.

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