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On The Spot offers a wide variety of in shop and mobile detailing services to meet your individual needs. We have spent years refining our service packages to provide the highest quality service at the lowest possible price. Each package is designed with the customer is mind. If you are unable to find the right detailing solution, we can also customize packages to meet your individual needs. All of our on site detailing services offer a wide variety of add-on and a la carte services that can accompany most packages.  From car detailing to marine, R.V., motorcycle, and aircrafts, we have specialists in everything that moves you.

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Comprehensive detailing services that come to you including complete interior/exterior detailing solutions.

Trained, Certified, & Insured

From cars to jet skis to air planes, we have you covered. We are trained, certified, and insured to detail many different types of vehicles. This is important because not all detailing is the same. Each vehicle type has different surfaces and are made from varying materials. The difference between a beautifully clean vehicle and thousands of dollars in damage could be as little as knowing what products to use, or not use.

Our detailing solution specialists have traveled the country to be trained by leaders in the detailing industry. Because of this training, we are confident any technician we send will be qualified to handle the job. But, it is not just about training, but also experience. Due to the fact that On The Spot is one of the largest mobile detailing services in the area, we are fortunate enough to be the ones called whenever a difficult task arises. Our technicians gain valuable experience in tough situations. This experience ensures that our detailing technicians will be ready to handle any problem or issue that arises. You can be confident that when On The Spot is on the job, it will be handled safely, and properly.  Our ins shop and on site detailing services are second to none.

Please select one of the vehicle types to find out more information on our detailing solutions. For specialty vehicles please contact the office for more information.