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Engine Degreasing

Your engine is probably one of the most overlooked parts of your vehicle. We only open the engine compartment when there is a problem, and even then most people hardly understand what they are looking at.

Under the hood grease and oil can build up from oil changes and leaks, leaves accumulate in the jambs, and the rubber will begin to fade and turn ashy. While these may not be concerns for most vehicle owners, there are a few reasons for engine degreasing:

Why you should degrease your engine?

  • Selling your vehicle privately. The first thing someone is going to do is open the hood. It needs to look as clean as the rest of the vehicle
  • Turning in a lease. You want the vehicle to be as clean as possible to avoid any additional charges.
  • Finding a leak. Engine degreasing will help identify where a leak is coming from.
  • An excessive accumulation of dirt and grime can cause an engine to overheat, which could lead to a break down of the vehicle and expensive engine damage.
  • Shipping companies require the engine to be clean and grease-free prior to shipping.
  • Car Shows.  While this does not apply to everyone, anyone showing their vehicle in a show or exhibition will want it to be spotless when someone asks you to pop the hood for a look.
  • In the winter, road salt will make its way into the engine compartment and could corrode vital engine components.  It is important to remove salt as quickly as possible once the roads have been cleared.


* This service is an add on service to any service that includes the exterior.  It cannot be completed as a stand-alone service.  Please contact us to set up an appointment.


This process is completely safe for your vehicle as long as precautions are taken.  Our technicians are fully trained on proper techniques and procedures to ensure that your engine looks its absolute best without the risk of damage.