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Is Engine Detailing All for Show?

June 21, 2022

There is no doubt that a clean and properly detailed engine looks great.  The black plastic boxes and covers look brand new.  The metal pipes shine with a mirror reflective and the engine block is grease-free.  It looks better than when you drove it off the lot.  But is all that shine just about it looking good or is there a purpose behind it?


The truth is in almost everyone’s vehicle owner manual there are detailed instructions on how to clean your engine.  The reason is the dirt and grease that build up on your auto parts cause them to retain heat.  The hotter these parts run, the faster they burn fluids and the harder they have to work to do their job.


A proper engine detailing not only looks good but also helps keep your engine running cooler and will, in turn, along with proper engine maintenance, help you retain fuel economy and increase the life of your engine parts.

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