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Express Motorcycle Detail

The Express Motorcycle Detail is a quick and affordable alternative to the Showroom Shine Full Detail.  The Express detail is designed to keep a motorcycle looking its absolute best between full details. It is an inexpensive and fast way to make your motorcycle look great after a long ride, or before taking it out on the weekend.


  • Thorough hand wash with a microfiber mitt
  • Bug and tar removal from windshield, mirrors, and farings
  • Engine degreased
  • Hand dried with a synthetic chamois to eliminate water spots
  • Compressed air used to remove excess water from cracks
  • Rims/spokes cleaned and polished
  • Streak-free cleaning of all mirrors, gauges, and wind guard
  • Carnauba wax applied to painted surfaces

Upgrade & Add-On Services

The Express Motorcycle Detail is a quick cleaning of most parts of the bike.  We offer several options for upgraded exterior protection.  Excessive chrome or light scratches on the paint may require an upgrade to a Showroom Shine Full Detail and may incur additional charges due to the need for additional time, tools, and products.  Please also take a look at the menu to determine which upgrades or add-on services would be best suited for your vehicle.  If you have any questions about any of the upgrades, please contact us.

This Service Is IN-SHOP Only

The Express Detail is not available for mobile service.  We will gladly offer this service at our Columbia or Frederick shop locations.  Please contact us for more information about this service.

For your convenience we have created a side-by-side comparison of what is included in each Motorcycle Detailing Package.

Add-On Services

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