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Full Auto Detailing

The Showroom Shine Auto Detailing

Our Showroom Shine Full Auto Detailing is a meticulous cleaning of every crack and crevice of your vehicle. We pay equal attention to all surfaces.  Our technician leaves no area untouched and we protect all applicable surfaces.

The Showroom Shine Full Auto Detail is our most complete and popular package because we know every client is different.  We take time to address your personal goals and concerns and make sure you’re receiving the exact service you are looking for.  Spoil your vehicle and with a fresh from the showroom look and feel. You deserve it.

Details of the Detail

On The Outside:

  • We hand wash with a microfiber mitt.
  • Removal of light to moderate bug, sap, and tar is included.
  • We clean rims, tires, and wheel wells of all dirt and brake dust.
  • Your tires are completely dressed to restore brilliant shine.
  • Paint is hand dried with synthetic chamois to eliminate streaks and water spots.
  • All Exterior glass is cleaned and left streak-free.
  • The door and trunk jambs are cleaned of dirt and grime.
  • All rubber seals are cleaned and protected.
  • A Clay bar used to eliminate surface contaminates.
  • Your paint is brightened using polishing machines.  This also removed light oxidation and restores shine.
  • Carnauba Wax applied for protection.

Inside Your Full Auto Detailing:

  • A Complete interior vacuum of floors, seats, trunk, and all cracks and crevices.
  • Complete Shampooing of carpet, seats, and floor mats.
  • Your headliner is cleaned of spots, splashes, and stains.
  • All interior plastic & vinyl cleaned and dressed.
  • Your Leather seats cleaned and dressed.
  • All interior windows cleaned and streak-free.
  • An interior air freshener added (upon request).

This Full Auto Detailing is eligible for all our add on and upgrades but some will incur additional charges based on size of the vehicle and/or severity.  Call or email to discuss pricing.

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Next Level Full Auto Detailing Protection

The way people protect their vehicle has changed.  Coatings have revolutionized the detailing industry.  These products form a strong and durable layer of protection.  Many of your vehicles exterior surfaces can be protected.   Take your Showroom Shine full auto detail to the next level with truly astounding the depth, gloss, and protection that can be achieved with these products.

Full Auto Detailing