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Gel-Coat Sealant

Gel-Coat Sealant  is a significantly more effective barrier against environmental contaminates and oxidation than carnauba wax.  Carnauba wax will break down in as little as a month or two, where as Gel-Coat Sealants are much more durable.  Under normal conditions, Sealants can be expected to last for between nine to twelve months.  The fiberglass will stay protected between cleanings and greatly reduce the onset of chalky oxidation.  The low cost combined with the extended longevity makes the Gel-Coat Sealant upgrade a wise investment for any vehicle with a fiberglass Gel-Coat.


An important attribute of a sealant is its ability to bond with your gel-coat. This process is known as molecular cross linking.  During the cross linking, acrylic resins and synthetic polymers are linked together to form a transparent shield over the finish. This shield will provide lasting protection for your toy and its finish for seasons at a time.

  • Longevity – Gel-Coat Sealant is created synthetically in a lab, so its life span can be up to 4x that of regular carnauba wax.  The extended life is due to its ability to bond with gel-coat and its high heat resistance.  The higher heat resistance prevents the protection from break down in hot summer months when surface temperatures can soar above 100 degrees.
  • Water Repellent – Sealant works by creating a water repellent barrier of protection on fiberglass surfaces.  Water beads on the surface which prevents dirt and minerals from penetrating into the pores of the clear coat.  This also makes all surfaces significantly easier to clean.

Gel-Coat Sealant will not only help protect your bike from the elements. It will also increase cosmetic beauty by adding gloss and shine.


Application price $3 per foot*

*The price is based on the linear foot (length) of the vehicle.  This does not include any exterior detailing, only the application of the product.  The cost of the detailing prior to application is based on size and condition.  Please contact us for more information about setting up an appointment.

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