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Holiday Tips: How to Avoid Unwanted Spills and Odors in Your Car

November 21, 2022

The holiday season is upon us, and that means lots of cooking and baking! But if you're traveling to see family and friends, that also means transporting food. And we all know how that can wrong turn and your backseat is covered in grandma's apple pie. Not to mention the smell. Spills and odors are inevitable when it comes to food transport, but there are some things you can do to minimize the mess (and the smell).


1. Line your car trunk with a large garbage bag or two. This will catch any spills and make cleanup a breeze.

2. Place all food items in sealed containers, if possible. This will help prevent leaks and spills.

3. If you're transporting hot food, make sure it's in a thermal container to keep it warm (or cold if you're transporting something like ice cream).

4. Don't forget the napkins! Spills happen, so it's always good to have some paper towels or napkins on hand to clean up any messes.

5. When you get to your destination, be sure to remove all food from your car, so it doesn't start to stink up the place! 


Following these simple tips will help you avoid unwanted spills and odors this holiday season. If you do happen to make a mess while traveling, big or small, don’t forget we are here to help. Happy travels!


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