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Interior Auto Cleaning and Detailing

Each year you will spend an average of 10 total days in your vehicle.  That’s just driving back and forth to work.  You will grip your steering wheel 520 times and use your turn signal over 7,000.  With each commute new contamination from body oils, makeup, french fry grease, and more build up. They collect on your steering wheel, radio, dials, knobs, cup holders, and arm rests.

On The Spot’s Interior Rejuvenation car cleaning and detailing services sanitize and protect your interior giving you a healthy and refreshed driving experience. 

Interior car cleaning
Interior car cleaning
interior car cleaning
Interior car cleaning and detailing

Interior Rejuvenation


  • Complete interior vacuum.  Includes floors, seats, trunk, and all cracks / crevices.
  • Shampooing of carpet, seats, and floor mats
  •  Headliner cleaned of spots, splashes, and stains
  • All interior plastic / vinyl cleaned and dressed
  • Leather seats cleaned and dressed
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • All interior windows cleaned and streak-free
  • Interior air freshener added (upon request)

Don’t Need A Shampoo?

Try our Express Interior

It includes all other Rejuvenation services and Starts at only $75

Interior Auto Detailing

Add a Hand Wash

The Hand Wash Service is our most popular add on to the Interior Rejuvenation Service. It is the perfect compliment to the interior detail.  It’s affordable, quick, and can be added to most vehicles for only $25.