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The world of detailing is more than car washing and cleaning.  It has developed into a sub culture of the automotive enthusiast.  The Maryland auto detailing community wants to know as much about their wax as they do their engine and with good reason.  Detailing has become a must to maintain or restore the value of your vehicle. The different shine that certain products can create has changed the way we look at our vehicles. We can have it glow, give it a wet look, or create a deep reflection.  Here, with the Maryland Auto Detailing Blog we wish to share our knowledge and experiences to help you choose the right detailing service for you.

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Dirty Wheel

Brake Dust is Bad – Here’s Why

Brake dust is not a sign of brake failure.  It just a normal reaction but if left uncleaned, it is harmful to wheels, trim, and your vehicle’s paint.  It’s also ugly to boot.  Pun intended.

Glass Cleaning in 3 Easy Steps

Magic Erasers – An Industry Secret

Magic Erasers, or melamine sponges are effective cleaning tools for most surfaces.  We use them all the time in the detailing industry.  If we were to buy them from the bald man every time, we would be charging a lot more per detail.