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As uncoated aluminum ages it will lose its brilliance and become chalky.  This is due to several factors like; oxidation, chemical etching, and environmental contaminates.   If left unchecked, the dull and chalky look will continue to diminish the beauty of polished aluminum wheels.  The only remedy for for this problem is our Metal Polishing Service.  It can reverse this process and restore the metal’s brilliant shine.

Not all metal will require this service.  Only uncoated polished aluminum requires this treatment.   Metals such as chrome or coated aluminum are polished with different products and processes. This polishing fee is due to added time needed to restore the mirror like shine to bare metal surfaces.

Once the metal has been restored, please consider a Metal Coating to maintain the brilliance for years to come.

Metal Polishing is quoted by visual estimate and will vary based on issue and time required to resolve the problem.  Please contact us to set up an estimate.


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