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Motorcycle Compounding is a more aggressive step in the paint correction process than polishing.  swirls, oxidation, or light to medium depth scratches from zippers or buckles, are all issues that can be remedied with this process.   Compound contains micro abrasives that are used to remove microscopic layers of clear coat.  What is seen as scratches on a vehicle are actually differences in the level of clear coat.  As these layers are removed, the clear coat becomes level and the scratches begin to disappear.  Great care must be taken during this service to ensure that damage does not occur.  When done properly, compound can safely bring life back to dull or scratched paint, and give your vehicle the POP it once had.

Compound can be added to The Showroom Shine Full Detail for Motorcycles.  This is due to fact that the steps included in our full detail service is required after compounding to achieve the best results.


Starting at $50.  Compounding is quoted by visual estimate and will vary based on issue and time required to resolve the problem.  Please contact us to set up an estimate.

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