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Opti-Glass Pro Window Coating

Opti-Glass Pro Window Coating

Optimum’s Opti-Glass Pro Window Coating is designed for hydrophobic protection of your vehicles exterior windows, especially the windshield during poor driving conditions. Think Rain-X, only significantly more effective and longer lasting.

Not only will rain and water just run off the window, but the silica based coating will increase protection from scratching, marring, and environmental elements such as hard water stains.


Opti-Glass Pro works by creating an extremely high contact angle between the glass surface and water. This hydrophobic surface means that the water droplets struggle to cling to the windshield.

  • Safety.  At driving speeds, the air movement combined with the contact angle of the coating allows water to just roll over the window.  As the water rolls over the windshield it drastically improves visibility in the rain.
  • Longevity.  The barrier of protection created by Opti-Glass Pro Window Coating is far superior to almost every other product on the market. An application of Opti-Glass will last 18-24 months (depending on driving conditions)

This product also enhances the performance of your windshield wipers.  They will not need work nearly as hard to clear water from your vision.


* This does not include the price of paint correction or prep, only the application of the product. The cost of the paint correction prior to application is based on visual estimate. Please contact us for more information about setting up an estimate.