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Overspray and Graffiti Paint Removal

Our Overspray and Graffiti Paint Removal service is designed to safely remove non-automotive paint from vehicle surfaces.  Paint on vehicles can come from a variety of different sources.

Overspray.  Overspray can occur when painting buildings, decks, fences, vehicles, or any other object where a paint sprayer is being used.  It is generally due to painting these objects in close proximity without proper precautions.  Aerosol paint can travel up to several hundred on a windy day and can cover automotive surfaces with fine particles of paint.

Road Paint.  Road paint occurs due to driving through freshly painted street lines, or spilled paint on the road.  It will splatter up from the tires, coating the bottom of the vehicle.  Areas normally effected are; tires, wheel wells, running boards, lower painted panels.

Graffiti.  Graffiti on vehicles is a form of vandalism and can occur on any surface of the vehicle.  Quite often the source of this paint is an aerosol spray can.  The vandalism aspect of this form of damage makes it a priority to remove.

Non-automotive paint on a vehicle is easily identified in one of two ways.  By sight, if it is a different color than your vehicle. Also by touch, due to its rough, sandpaper-like texture. Overspray is also rarely contained to a small area. Once it is in the area, it will cover the vehicle from top to bottom.


* We cannot estimate an Overspray and Graffiti Paint Removal Service without seeing the damage first.  This is due to the fact that there are many different types of paint and coatings that could possibly be on your vehicle. Also, since overspray gets EVERYWHERE, we have to identify what types of products can be used on which materials for your particular vehicle.

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