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Pinnacle Paint Correction

Premium Paint Correction and Detailing

The Pinnacle Paint Correction service is the right choice for all vehicle owners that want to bring out the best possible shine in their ride.  This advanced level of car polishing, scratch and swirl removal, and paint touch up utilizes the best products and techniques available in the industry.  Combined with years of training, advanced techniques, and professional craftsmanship, this package is sure to meet your highest expectations.

Every service begins with a full evaluation of your vehicle’s finish.  This step allows us to establish a customized paint correction recovery plan for your vehicle’s exterior surfaces.  All exterior issues, which may involve swirl marks, holograms, watermarks, bird/sap stains, scratches, and micro-marring, will be assessed and removed from your vehicle via our exterior cleaning and correcting processes; which include multiple stages.

Wet sanding is the most aggressive step and removes heavy oxidation deep scratches, and levels the surface.  Compounding is scratch and swirl removal for moderate defects.  It can also remove light etchings.  Car polishing removes light swirls and restores color.  These steps are applied for your paint correction recovery plan based on its condition, and every step is given meticulous attention to detail.  We ensure the most reflective gloss possible.  Every correction service finishes with an application of paint sealant or protective coating to extend the life of the shine.

Full Auto Detailing

Services Include

  • Polishing and Correction
  • Paint Touch Up / Rock Chip Repair
  • Coatings (LEARN MORE)
  • Sealant and Waxing
  • Interior Detailing (free with correction service)