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Pinnacle Paint Correction

Premium Paint Correction and Detailing

The Pinnacle Paint Correction service is the right choice for all vehicle owners that want to bring out the best possible in their ride. This level of detailing utilizes the best products and techniques available in the industry. Combined with years of training, advanced techniques, and professional craftsmanship, this package is sure to meet your highest expectations.

Every Pinnacle Paint Correction detail begins with a full evaluation of your vehicle’s finish. This step is performed so that we can establish a customized paint correction recovery plan for your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. All exterior issues, which may involve swirl marks, holograms, water marks, bird/sap stains, scratches, and micro-marring will be assessed and removed from your vehicle. Our exterior processes; which includes multiple stage wet sanding, compounding, and polishing, are utilized with meticulous attention to detail to ensure the most reflective gloss possible. We then apply a layer of paint sealant or protective coating to protect and extend the life of the shine.

We have established 3 levels of our Pinnacle Paint Correction Detailing to fit your individual needs and budget. Every service comes with a complete inspection of your vehicle to identify the problem areas, and discuss the steps needed to be taken to correct the paint to your satisfaction. We do not offer set prices on these service because no two vehicles are the same, and will require different levels of work depending on the condition and desired results.

Free Interior Detail with Every Pinnacle Paint Correction

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Level 1 – The Daily Driver

Restoring Pride in Your Daily Drive

Every year the average vehicle spends 10 whole days on the road just going back and forth to work. That’s a lot of construction dust, pollen, bird droppings, and road salt to face. Then there’s the trips back and forth to grocery store and shopping centers. After a while, that car that gave you so much pride when you drove it off the lot becomes the grocery getter you can’t wait to get out of.

The Daily Driver Level is perfect for:
  • Daily Driven vehicles that are more than 2 years old
  • Cars being handed down to children or family members
  • Nostalgic cars. You know, that truck you saved up for at 16 but cant seem to get rid of no matter how much she begs.

Service Completed: In Shop or Mobile

Time to Complete: 8 Hours

Paint Correction Level: 75% (Above average to Near Perfect for the average eye)

Cost: Starts at $300

Level 2 – The Enthusiast

Clarity that rivals rides fresh off the lot

If you’re looking at this service it’s probably not your first car, and definitely not your first detail. You want and know you can get more out of your vehicle’s paint. You’ve worked hard to own the car of your dreams and now it’s time to make it stand out in the crowd.

The Enthusiast Level is Perfect For:

  • Weekend Drivers
  • Luxury Cars
  • Show Cars
  • Black Paint vehicles
  • If your the kind of person who knows the exact name of your vehicle’s paint

Service Completed: In Shop
Time To Complete: 12-16 hours
Paint Correction Level: 85-90%

Costs: Starts at $500

Level 3 – The Perfectionist

Because to you, It’s more than just a car!

Our Perfectionist detail has been several years in the making. With years of training and practice, and countless hours of product testing before we even considered offering this level of detailing. This package is for those looking for the Absolute BEST out of their vehicle. No spot or point on the vehicle is left untreated. Taking several days to complete to achieve the highest level of correction, gloss, reflection, and protection.

The Perfectionist level is Perfect for: Well…You know who you are

Service Completed: In Shop
Time to Complete: up to 40 hours
Paint Correction level: 95-100%

Costs: Start at $1000