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Popular Motorcycle Trips Across the U.S.

March 20, 2023

With its vast open roads, diverse landscapes, and stunning views, the United States is a prime destination for motorcycle trips. Whether you’re looking for winding mountain passes or long stretches of coastal highways, there are plenty of routes that will take your breath away. From east to west and north to south, here are some of the most popular motorcycle trips in the USA. 


Rocky Mountains: Covering most of the western US, these snow-capped mountain ranges offer some of the most exhilarating motorcycle trips in the country. The Rocky Mountains stretch from British Columbia south to New Mexico and are filled with winding roads that will take you through incredible scenery. There are plenty of hidden gems along this route, such as hot springs, scenic parks, and historic towns.


Blue Ridge Parkway: If you’re looking for a classic American motorcycle ride, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a perfect choice. This 469-mile stretch of road winds through the Appalachian Mountains from Virginia to North Carolina, offering stunning views of rolling hillsides and mountain ridges. Not to mention, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife like deer, black bears, and bald eagles along the way.


Pacific Coast Highway: The iconic Pacific Coast Highway spans from Oregon to California and offers one of the most stunning and memorable rides in the US. This route takes you through some of America's most beautiful coastline, as well as lush forests and stunning redwood groves. There are plenty of stops along the way, including charming coastal towns and stunning beaches.


Route 66: Last but certainly not least is Route 66—the iconic American highway that runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. This legendary road trip takes you through the Midwest and Southwestern US and offers a classic American experience. From the grand canyons of Arizona to the honky-tonks of Texas, there’s plenty of culture and adventure to be had along this route.


So whether you’re looking for an adventurous ride through the Rockies or a leisurely tour across the country, the USA has something for every kind of biker. So grab your helmet and hit the road—you won’t regret it!


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