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There is nothing worse than that chalky and dull look on white fiberglass.   It will make even the most top-of-the-line RV’s look old and tired.  Fiberglass oxidizes very quickly if left unprotected.  Once the oxidation begins to occur, the only way to solve the problem is with our RV Cut and Polish service.  This service is designed to cut through even the worse oxidation with a specially designed gel-coat compound.  Once the the compound has removed the oxidation, the fiberglass is then polished to restore a brilliant shine.  Once the gloss has returned, the gel-coat is waxed to protect the shine for months to come.

The RV Cut and Polish service is also effective at removing those pesky tree branch scratches that can scar the sides of RVs.  The results of this service is nothing less than amazing.  Your RV will look the best it has in years.


  • Thorough washing of all exterior surfaces
  • Roof scrubbed and power washed
  • Complete bug, tar, and mild sap removal
  • Exterior storage compartments opened and cleaned.
  • Rims / Tires / Wheel Wells cleaned of all dirt and brake dust
  • Tires are completely dressed to restore brilliant shine
  • Hand dried with synthetic chamois to eliminate streaks and water spots
  • Exterior mirrors and windows are cleaned and streak-free
  • Chrome polished to brilliant shine
  • Fiberglass is compounded to remove oxidation and scratches
  • Fiberglass is polished to restore brilliant shine and deep gloss
  • Carnauba wax is applied which protects the finish

Upgrade & Add-on Services

The RV Cut and Polish service includes only the exterior of the vehicle, which means it is eligible for only exterior upgrade and add-on services.  If this service was required, please consider a protection upgrade to prevent this problem from occurring in the future.  Please also take a look at the menu to determine which upgrades or add-on services would be best suited for your recreational vehicle.  If you have any questions about any of the upgrades, please contact us.

** Prices for Recreational Vehicles and Trailers are based on the linear foot (length) of the vehicle.  Other factors such as condition and height also play role in pricing.


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