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Optimum’s Opti-Guard Fabric Protection is the ultimate level in both carpet and cloth stain resistance.  It is designed to create a hydrophobic, UV absorbing barrier for carpets, floor mats, and cloth seats.

This barrier prevents liquids from penetrating into the pores of the fiber, and greatly reduces the risk of staining.  Once applied it will keep the vehicle’s leather and vinyl surfaces protected for up to 2 years.


Carpet and cloth stain easily.  Even the most careful of driver’s spill coffee, soda, or other beverages onto the floor.  There is nothing worse than seeing a large brown stain on the seat or on the floor.  These stains can be prevented.

UV Protection.  The sun is constantly beating down on the interior of the vehicle.  Over time the sun will cause cloth and carpet to fade.  The coating creates a UV absorbing barrier, that does not let harmful UV rays degrade and fade cloth and carpet surfaces.

Stain Resistance.   Since the fabric coating is hydrophobic, it easily repels water and liquids.  When liquid of any kind comes into contact with Opti-Guard Fabric, it simply beads up on the surface and waits for you to wipe it away. If allowed to penetrate the pores of the fabric, the liquids could easily stain the surface.  Once the stain has set up, it becomes significantly more difficult to remove.

The benefits to protecting the vehicle’s interior far out way the costs.  Years down the line, the cloth and carpet surfaces will still look like the day you purchased the vehicle.


Fabric Only. Opti-Guard Fabric will be applied to all carpet and cloth surfaces. This includes; seats, door skins, floor mats, and carpet.

Complete Interior. Opti-Guard Fabric and Opti-Guard Leather will be applied to all interior surfaces.  This includes both products, and complete interior coverage.

This service is an add-on to both the Showroom Shine Full Detail or the Interior Rejuvenation Service.  Please contact us for more information.


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