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Tips for Protecting Your Car from Summer Sand Damage

June 23, 2023

Summer is the time of the year when everyone loves to hit the beach. Whether you're driving on the sand or parking near the shore, sand can take a significant toll on your car. The gritty particles can cause scratches to the paint and wear into the carpet, leaving your vehicle looking old and worn. But don't worry; there are simple steps you can take to protect your car from summer sand damage. In this blog post, we’ll share with you some useful tips to help you protect your car from the damaging effects of summer sand.


1. Start by Washing Your Car

Before hitting the beach, take the time to wash your car. Sand sticks to everything porous, so it's vital to remove dirt particles and debris before driving to the beach.


2. Avoid Parking On the Sand

Avoid parking your car on the sand if you can. The hot sand kicks up in the wind and can damage your car's paint. You can park your car in a nearby parking lot or on the side of the street and walk to the beach.


3. Use Floor Mats

Floor mats are a simple yet effective way to protect your car's interior from sand damage. They trap sand on the mats, preventing it from getting into the carpet and wearing it down. You can shake the sand out of the mats later, and they're usually easy to clean.


4. Don’t Forget to Wax Your Car

Waxing your car can help protect it from sand damage. When you wax your car, you provide a barrier between the paint and the sand. If sand manages to stick to your car's exterior, it will be easier to wash off if you have recently waxed your car.


5. Wash Your Car Again After a Beach Visit

Once you’re done with your beach visit, wash your car again. It’s best to do it as soon as possible to prevent sand particles from drying and sticking to the car's surface. You can also use a pressure washer to remove the sand before it has a chance to dry out.


Summer sand can cause some severe damage to your car, but that's no reason to avoid the beach. By following the tips we've shared in this blog post, you can protect your car's interior and exterior from sand damage. Avoid parking on the sand, use floor mats, wash your car before and after a beach visit, and don't forget to wax your car. And if you're looking for more ways to protect your car, reach out to us for a professional service that will protect your interior and exterior. With these simple steps, you can enjoy a day at the beach without worrying about your car


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