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May 8, 2023

Spring and summer are some of the busiest times for parents as they try to juggle a variety of tasks while managing their family's schedule. From school activities and sports practices to vacations and outdoor projects, there is always something to do during this season. Parents must also manage household chores like grocery shopping, meal planning, laundry, cleaning up after meals, yard work, and gardening - not to mention all the doctor appointments that may need attention. With so much going on in such a short period of time, it can be overwhelming for even the most organized parent! That's why it's important to take breaks when needed and find creative ways to make life easier during this hectic time of year. And at On The Spot, we've made it easier and more affordable than ever!

All through May and June, receive a 20% discount when scheduling two or more vehicles for the same time and date! Want to lock in your savings but don't have time to get on our schedule just yet? Use code ParentsMonths23 to receive 15% off your gift certificate purchase! Our gift certificates never expire, but this code will after June! Visit the link at the top of this page (or click here) to view our gift certificates and start planning for a stress-free summer. With On The Spot, parents can have peace of mind that their vehicle detailing needs are taken care of, so you can focus on everything else!


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